Thursday, September 4, 2008

I can't wait!

Today was pretty successful. It started with a fairly good night of rest. I woke up and felt great (hey it CAN happen!). I got to work, turned some music on and just started working away. I got to help redesign the lunch room at work. It's time go get rid of the 70s retro yellow tables and food/grime caked brown benches and bring in some 21st century styling. We are going with a dark granite for the table tops and holly berry red contour booths. It looks really awesome! I should post before and after pictures... maybe. I'm not a designer type of girl, but this was fun!

I'm going to get my own assigned parking spot in about two weeks at work too! I know this seems so silly, but it makes me feel like I am really a part of the company even more if I have my own reserved spot with my name on it. :)

Oh,.. it gets better!

My review is coming up on October 10th. I've been with the company for 3 years. I get a jacket with the company logo on it, which I personally think is totally awesome. I also get a pay increase. Cost of living is 3% so that is the standard increase. My boss told me today that she is going to take everything she has on me to the President and ask for a much larger raise. She said that I deserve "a big fat raise". Company policy states that the manager has to get any raise over the cost of living increase approved by the President of the company before it is awarded. She wants to do my review early, but unfortunately I can't get the raise until October 10th. That's okay though. I have one month to continue growing and improving to get an even bigger reward!

And... the best part of my day....

I had 3 people tell me that they can tell I've lost weight! Nobody in this world knows how much this means to me!


Jess said...

Sounds like a prefect day. HUGS! :)